If boxers were Premier League footballers, who would they be?

Anthony Joshua X Harry Kane

The two north London boys can both lay claim to be being the best in their role. They’re both media darlings who do their job whilst avoiding controversy or scandal, their performances do the talking. If Joshua were a striker, you’d bank on him scoring 30 goals a season with minimum fuss.

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Tony Bellew X Wayne Rooney

Neither Bellew Rooney are that pretty but WOW they’re effective. Two scouse working-class men through and through, give their absolute all every time they take to the field/ring. Devastatingly powerful and forces of nature on their day, they both fail to receive the credit they deserve. Rooney has been mocked throughout his career for all sorts and Bellew, too, suffers from the same. You can’t take away their achievements though, Rooney is Champions League and multiple Premier League winner and Bellew is a former WBC cruiserweight champion.

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Deontay Wilder X Granit Xhaka

Wilder is undoubtedly the most powerful puncher in the world and nobody in the Premier League packs a harder shot than Xhaka. Power is the equaliser for both these man, Wilder’s boxing ability is extremely limited, he relies on knocking people out rather than out-boxing them. Xhaka relies on his rocket shot and filthy tackles to play in the Premier League. Ultimately, it is likely that both men will be found wanting at the top level.

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Chris Eubank Jr X Tom Ince

Both men are unfortuantely having careers in the shadows of their fathers. Chris Eubank Sr and Paul Ince both had sensational careers and were genuinely at the top of their games, Eubank a world champion and Ince boasts an honours list to match the best out there. The parents’ faith in their kids is absolutely understandable but perhaps also proving to be a hinderance.

Eubank Jr has been promoted by his dad as if he’s a world beater without being tested. His first big test ended in tears in the World Boxing Super Series semi-final against George Groves when he was embarrassed. Ince Jr’s career has also failed to catch fire, starting at Liverpool, he’s failed to perform in the Premier League and is perhaps more of a Championship player despite his arrogance.

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